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Single Phase Motor Applications

Single-phase induction electric motors have great applicability and functionality, indispensable today, extending from our residences, offices and shops, where no such power is required to the industries and their rotating equipment.

Single phase induction motors are specific to low power applications due to their design constraint. They are built to meet the need for rotational motion in situations where only a single AC phase is available.

We can cite some applications. • Domestic use such as refrigerators, washing machines, clocks, compressors, pumps, etc. • Machines where power goes up to 10 HP.

Compared with three-phase electric motors, single-phase motors have many disadvantages because they require more accurate maintenance due to the starting circuit; Have higher volume and weight at equal speeds and speeds, and therefore have a higher cost; Have a lower power factor and power factor and therefore have higher energy consumption (average of 20% more); Have lower starting torque; Difficult to find in the trade for higher powers (above 10 hp).

Diesel-powered electric motor is best for boats that are more than 10 meters

Those who go out a lot to fish need to have a quality electric motor and for this it is always necessary to know if the electric motor is performing well or if it is time to replace the electric motor with a newer and better one.

A good electric motor is one that helps the boat to have a good speed, with fuel economy and is favorable when it is necessary to perform a faster maneuver in areas where there is a great concentration of schools. The contribution of the electric motor to the efficiency of the boat in its fishing is fundamental, so it is fundamental to choose the most suitable electric motor for the boat.

Although it is a bit more expensive, the diesel-powered electric motor are much better as they offer qualities like economy and durability. On fishing boats that are large and non-sporty and more than 10 meters long, the option for diesel engine is better, as it has more force than the gasoline engine and requires less space in the tank.

Electric motor transom

Mercury Super 15 HP Electric Motor can have power boost

15 HP Super Mercury electric motor is produced with Japanese technology. Practically, this outboard electric motor walks almost like a 25 HP electric motor, but that electric motor spends less than any other electric motor that has 15 HP.

At the factory, this electric motor has an acceleration that is limited to the power of 15 HP, but only after being subjected to a procedure is that the electric motor releases all its acceleration and so that electric motor happens to have a super power Of 18HP, but attention must be paid because this procedure can only be performed by technicians who are trained by Mercury.

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Thus, this model of electric motor gains 20% of power and performance in an additional way and this makes this electric motor still remain as a 15 HP engine and is still the most economical on the market.

The Mercury 15 HP electric motor is the best choice because this model offers power, durability and also economy, as it consumes the same amount of fuel without increasing its weight limit of a portable motor.

Alternating current electric motor operation

How does the AC motor work? What are the characteristics of this machine so used in the industrial sector? Get to know!

The three-phase electric motor is the most used in most cases because of the distribution of electric energy that occurs through an alternating current and also motivated by simplicity, robustness and low cost, being suitable for use in almost all types Of found machines, mainly in the industrial branch.

The ever-constant speed of the three-phase electric motor can vary depending on some factors such as loads that are applied to your shaft. The principle of operation of this electric motor is based on the rotating magnetic field, which arises when there is a three-phase alternating current system that is applied at poles that are physically lagged 120 degrees. RAB VXBRLED26DG VAPORPROOF LED

In this way, a magnetic field in each set of coils of the electric motor arises through this lag, and these magnetic fields are generated when they form what is called the rotating magnetic field.

Electric motor uses force of attraction and also of repulsion

The electric motor makes use of the force of attraction and also of repulsion that acts between the two magnetic fields so that they make that the axis that is connected to the pump turns. The rotating shaft will then produce the mechanical energy that the pump can transform into gage height. The gage height that was created by the pump is what causes the liquid to move in and through the entire pipeline.

The electric motor has a stator in its composition. This equipment consists of a group of windings that are cylindrical and produce an electromagnetic field. The stator is composed of: stator housing, stator core, stator windings and bearing sleeve.

The stator shape is responsible for making the electric motor have mechanical power because it is able to support the stator core because it is able to support the shaft and rotor and is also the point where it happens The normal union of the base with the electric motor. lighting fixtures at mrosupply